Q. Can I make arrangements for cleaning at a time when I am not home?

A. Yes. JGabriel Cleaning Services recognizes that many people are quite busy. With the authorized clients written permission, we can complete our services when you are not at home or during non-business hours. We will make special arrangements for access.

Q. On the rare occasion that I am not available upon completion of a job, how do I pay?

A. You can pay in advance of the services being performed or leave your payment (cash, money order, or a check-the preferred method) in a pre-determined designated place inside your home or business.

Q. What if something breaks while you’re cleaning? Are you responsible?

A. JGabriel Cleaning Services takes the utmost care in cleaning your home/building. However, if it is determined something is damaged by our staff, we will take responsibility for the damage, either through replacement of the damaged item or reimbursement.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. We are generally available Monday thru Friday 7am - 6pm and Saturday 7am - 5pm (except major holidays).

Q. What do you clean and what do you not clean?

A. We tailor our cleaning based upon each client’s individual needs.

Q. Do you supply the cleaning products:

A. Yes, we do supply our own cleaning supplies, however if you have something specific that you normally use when cleaning, we will use whatever product that you provide.

Q. What does your General Cleaning include?

Changing of linen (based upon client request)
Cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen
Cleaning and sanitizing of bathroom
Cleaning living room
Dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures